PETE ROCK (@PeteRock) – Petestrumentals 2

Schermata-2015-03-31-alle-02.44.30Pete Rock has been regarded as one of the best sound providers in hip hop for a while now. He is a primary architect of the New York hip hop sound, known for using funk and jazz samples during his time with his rhyme partner C.L Smooth. His instrumental albums have become classics in the hip hop field and I am sure they have been the inspiration for other produces making producer albums. This is nothing new to classic Pete Rock heads that have been rocking with him since the late great Heavy D shouted him out on Girlz, They Love Me “Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth was on stage drinking Cisco”. Pete Rocks production has always taken center stage and taken songs to a new height via the many remixes he has done. There has been a 20 year debate about who is the better producer in hip hop Pete or Premo and it seems that you cant really have a wrong answer in that debate. For those that say Dilla or Kanye; This is the man who Dilla told, “I wanted to be like you.” Kanye once called himself the “new Pete Rock.” Pete Rock remains permanently vital the evidence bangs in his latest opus, Petestrumentals 2, the sequel to the 2001 classic Petestrumentals that helped define the hip-hop instrumental record. It marks the legend’s first album on Mello Music Group, a fitting union between the author of the boom-bap blueprint and the label that’s expanded upon his legacy. Pete seems to pick up right where he left off, the production is very sample driven. Its a simple feel yet he seems to be doing creative things with the samples. When listening you can tell that he has an intimate knowledge of the records he sampled he didn’t just listen to the music for samples, he really explores these pieces. Pete made beats that can be rapped on but stand stronger alone. Pete is inspiring a whole new generation of beat makers with his new project!


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