CAMP LO AKA THE LO (@camplo) – “RAGTIME HIGHTIMES” (@Skibeatz)

Camp-Lo-Stylized-WatchLOUD-2015Camp Lo is one of hip hops most entertaining and unique groups and also one of its most slept on. Ever since they slid on the scene real cool in 1997 with the singles “Coolie High” &  “Luchini” Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba (Camp Lo) have been ahead of their time. Ironically they have always had a style that took its cues from the style and spirit of 70s soul and funk. From the style of clothing to the lush musical landscapes found in their music, Camp Lo has kept it funky. Camp Lo have been type cast as “those dudes that do that 70s rap”; however those that really appreciate hip hop understand that the rhyme patterns that Lo spit are some of the dopest you will ever here. Camp Lo hails from The Bronx, New York which is definitely a contributing factor to the classic feel of their music. I always get the feeling that I’m hearing 2 emcees that saw the raw beginnings of hip hop in the Bronx.

camp-lo-youCamp Lo have managed to create a lane of their own in hip hop and also expand in that lane. They are all original from fashion experimentation, original slang, to an original sound in their music. The group has released a solid stream of music independently since their major label debut “Uptown Saturday Night” on the Profile record label. These releases have allowed them to maintain a core audience and gained them a new following among hip hop and alternative music listeners. Among the best of these indie releases is 2011s “80 Blocks From Tiffany’s II.” 80 blocks was produced entirely by Pete Rock.

camp 6In 2008 they shortened their name to THE LO. In 2015 the duo released a new album called “RagtimeHightimes” produced entirely by longtime sound provider, Ski beats. The album has that classic Lo feel but also a hazy updated component. The Lo has mastered a synergy of classic feeling music with modern wordplay and it works wonders on this project. The opening track “Black Jesus” sets the tone for the album and the vibe is maintained and stretched throughout the album. Songs like “Its Cold” and “Gypsy Notes” show growth from the duo while songs like “Power man” and “Award Winning” sound like they were left off of a cassette demo very classic feel. Original Camp Lo fans will love Ragtime Hightimes, new fans of “The Lo” will be attracted to the style and flamboyancy of these cats thus everyone should listen to this jaunt at least once.


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