GQ Marley (@GQMarley420) – (Dare & Risk Everything to Achieve More) 2


With one of the dopest acronyms for a mixtape title, GQ Marley brings a very entertaining offering of music with part 2 of his D.R.E.A.M mix-tape series with DREAM 2 (Revenge Of The NERD). D2 is 11 tracks of dope and its a great way to spend 39 minutes.

GQ Marley is a self-driven artist born and raised in the city of San Antonio, Texas. Known for his thought provoking metaphors, vivid storytelling, clever wordplay, and unique delivery, GQ plans to take the world by storm and become the greatest artist to come out the Alamo City.

GQ’s influences include Notorious BIG, Scarface, Chamillionaire, Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest,Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Eminem and Naughty By Nature.

Show That” is GQ Marley’s first official single off his upcoming Project D.R.E.A.M. 2: Revenge of the NERD. The upbeat chaotic instrumental is accompanied with an contagious hook, that will have you chanting the chorus even when the song finished. In addition, the song lures and pulls the listener in as GQ delivers hypnotizing lyrics containing witty humor, mind numbing metaphors, thought provoking puns, and quotable idioms.


GQ’s vocal compliments the beat as he matches the same beat pattern and switches tempo throughout the song keeping the listener entertained. This song has been compared to the like’s of Wiz Kahlifa’s “Work Hard, Play Hard,” A$AP Rocky’s “Wild For The Night, Big┬áSean’s “A$$ (Dance)”just to name a few. While GQ enjoys being compared to some of the more popular artists today he strives for originality in his music.


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