THE STELLAR BROTHERS (@stellarbrothers): Cosmic Brothers on a mission

11163167_10153892838703312_8500380774553914743_oThe Stellar Brothers are a duo made up of T-Wrex and Scott Johnson. They are out of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area (DFW). The 2 have an extensive history as solo emcees but together they have improved their grind, here is their story. The Stellar Brothers met in late 2014 and have been going hard ever since. The group started out with a feature for a song on Scott Johnson’s album…”The Journey”

That collaboration led to T-Wrex returning that favor by putting Scott on one of his tracks called “4 Walls”. The 4 Walls collaboration led to us forming ‘Stellar Brothers’. The beginning stages are documented in the promo video made over the intro from our forthcoming E.P. ‘4 Walls’.

They just recently made this video for their lead single…’Stellar Brothers Theme’.

They are currently mixing down an E.P. and hope to have it done soon.

The Heavens have brought the Stellar Brothers together as Emcees and they have also been blessed with Stellar production to bring out the best in them.
THIS IS HIP HOP. But in no way, shape or form is it dated. What they are bringing to the table sounds nothing like anything else in Music. It’s got a classic feel. Real lyrics. While remaining relevant.

TSB have rocked some good shows together. This being one of their livest sets out in Denton.

all other performance videos can be found @


TSB have accomplished some great things in a very short amount of time and the release of the E.P. should further that campaign.

Thank you for checking TSB out and I hope you all dig what they are about.
Take care of yourself.
Peace and Blessings


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