“George Bush doesn’t care about black people”


The statement dropped like a ton of bricks on white America when Kanye said it, black folks in America were like “oh someone finally said it”. For “African Americans” this statement is something we have felt for a long time from the inside looking out the statement rings true but it would be more like “America doesn’t care about black people”. The recent perception of rising violence by police on black is an age old story in the black community, it’s on a worldwide stage because of the technology we all have now with smartphones, tablets etc. Black people have been under attack since the first slave ships kidnapped us from our homeland in Africa. America claims to be the home of the free and home of the brave, a melting pot of culture and race yet it excludes different indigenous people every day in many ways such as financial exclusion, systematic racism, police brutality etc.

slave trade map

To fully understand what is happening and the mentality behind it you have to understand the history of slavery in America. Most people don’t know that there were white slaves before black slaves in what would become America. We are all taught about the pilgrims and Christopher Columbus (with his lying, non-navigating, slave-trading ass) and the original settlers from England and other European countries that colonized what would become America. The truth is that America was started with English criminals that were sent here to do the back breaking work of setting up civilization in what was a wilderness in North America. These early settlers also had hostile natives to deal with. The settlers never came with the intent to live harmoniously with these native people and they tried to enslave them but were unable to because the native naturally knew the landscape better and were more established so the settlers had to wipe them out with disease and other means. The settlers needed a workforce to do what they couldn’t do so they started what would be called the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in order to build wealth in the “new world”. The European settlers had many distilleries in the new colonies especially in the New England colonies, at one point there were more distilleries than churches. England and Europe were big on Rum and found out that sugar was something that they could use to make good rum. The Caribbean was full of sugar cane. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade operated like this, 1. Distilleries in the New England colonies would produce rum 2. The rum would be sold in Europe 3. The money made in Europe would be used to buy slaves in Africa 4. The slaves would be brought to the Caribbean to harvest sugar to be used to make the rum. The TAST made the colonies wealthier than their English mother country in a very short time, this wealth and the colonies refusal to share in these profits with England was the true reason for the American Revolution. These Africans were never brought to the new world to become equal citizens EVER, they were only brought as a labor force. Before you say “that happened hundreds of years ago” think about the untold wealth in America built on slave labor from slavery. For example the insurance industry was built on slavery, slave owners would insure slaves and if they died owners would receive payment for dead slaves.


African slaves were only freed out of financial need not by any moral obligation. Lincoln freed the slaves (on paper) only because of a need for labor in the northern states. The emancipation proclamation freed slaves in theory and not completely because there still was a need for the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment to the constitution and even that didn’t do it LBJ still had to sign a voting rights act in 1964. This would indicate that there was really never the intent by America for us to be free and equal citizens. When Lincoln supposedly freed the slaves there were laws set up called “black codes” that were set up to put the slaves right back into slavery via the prison system. Freedom without the basics needed in this capitalist country to survive was basically another form of slavery. These people had no financial start no land and were separated from their families in most instances. Even when they attempted to set up freedman’s towns they were sabotaged by the powers that were in at the time.


Fast forward to today and we are basically in the same place as we were when they supposedly freed us. Don’t get me wrong I know we are a bit better off today than say 1867 in a lot of ways but we are still not totally free in this country and if we are not totally free are we free at all? Well how do u define freedom is the question? Ask yourself that question and if you are honest with yourself I think the answer would be no.



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