Before I start this let me say that I am a die hard Dungeon Family head from way back in the 90’s so there is not much they can do to make me just diss em. With that said let me get into this new Bigg Gipp mixtape…………….which is really more like an album (whats the difference now days). Its called “Mr. Get Down” and don’t expect to hear a solo version of a Goodie Mob album, this collection of songs feels like a celebration of life as Gipp lives it now. It seems to be what we would have heard on a solo album from Gipp right after the last great Goodie Mob album “Still Standing”. I don’t say that as a bad thing, I am not saying that it is dated, i’m saying it in terms of Gipp staying in his lane and being comfortable in his lane. You have to understand that Gipps’ lane is a wide one, Gipp was the flamboyant one in Goodie Mob and he remains a flamboyant hip hop artist always pushing the style envelope and usually landing on his feet. Gipp does what he has always done while experimenting with new cadences and modern beats which is a style that his Dungeon Family pioneered. This mixtape plays like an album and stays the lane of living a good life but still living a real life. Features on the mixtape include Scotty ATL, Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Notorious B.I.G, Snoop Dogg, Mitchy Slick, and his Goodie brothers Khujo and T-Mo.  Check the videos from the mixtape and stream the audio then download it. Enjoy



The first ever mixtape from the Dungeon Family / Goodie Mob OG, Big Gipp!!

Download by clicking this link: –>> MR GET DOWN


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