Big Tray Deee (@BIGTRAYDEEE) – On The Blocc


If I had to describe Tray Deee in one word it would have to be authentic. Big Tray Deee been OG ever since. It seems like he was born an OG, I remember first coming across his music in 99 when Snoop first put the Eastsidaz together, at that time Snoop’s career needed a bit of a boost he was a vet in music already. He was loosing listeners to different music trends and the No Limit records were kool but it wasn’t what we were accustomed to from the Doggfather. He needed to get his core back and it can be argued that the Eastsidaz were a part of the process. I seemed like they were homies from the hood that had a long convo with Snoop and told him that the streets wanted him back and thankfully Snoop listened. Tray Dee has real street credentials and a recent 10 year bid to solidify his standing in the streets. When you check any of his recent interviews online you will get a real feel for how intelligent the OG is yet there is always that undertone of triple OGness.


His new joint “On The Blocc” is simply West Coast……….soooo West Coast. Tray sticks to his gangster roots with everything he spits there is no attempt to switch it up or experiment and that is not a bad thing at all. It feels like this is just what he is supposed to do and frankly I don’t want him to switch up. Some things you can just depend on like taxes, death, and Tray Deee spitting gangsta raps.


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