ThatKidCry – “Eligh” (@ThatKidCry)


I first met ThatKidCry of Salem Oregon in 2013 while on tour in Salem, OR. I had connected with him about a month or 2 earlier through Facebook. He along with a few others that would become what I call my PDX/Salem crew welcomed me with open arms to the city. The actual show was in Salem Oregon (the capital of Oregon) we were the openers for Pigeon John of the L.A Symphony Crew. I remember being impressed with his stage show he was very passionate in his delivery. We chopped it up for about 20 minutes over some of Oregon’s finest green and we exchanged compliments on each-others music and show. We kept in touch on twitter and FB over the year then fast-forward to summer 2014 I returned to Salem to do what is becoming an annual summer visit to the region we rocked another show together and he gave me his album “The Rise & The Fall”. I didn’t listen to it until I got back to Texas and had some time (its 40 tracks) and it was a solid album considering the number of songs.

    cry album covercry album cover 2

Now in 2015 with the birth of his son “Eligh” Cry has made a special video for huge event in his life. Eligh is a song off of his upcoming release “Bamboo-Fortunes” coming July 25th 2015. This is song is one he had to make a video for, it’s a great and powerful thing to celebrate the birth of a child and this is what hip hop is truly about “keeping it real.” The coolest part is in a few years Cry will be able to show this video to Eligh and how cool will this kid think his dad is.

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