VENTING – PAGE (@pagemuzik)


When I first came across the artist PAGE online I saw the thumbnail image for his video VENTING which showed a young black male measuring bags of cocaine. I thought, wow another rapper / drug dealer that’s original. But as I delved deeper into the video I realized that it was a bit more to the song and the video. PAGE is giving you the other side of the “game” with this jaunt, the video shows a 20 – 25 yr old guy that is in the game to support what looks to be a younger brother. There are no adults / parents in the home. I like that this is ¬†more realistic portrayal of this situation which is very real for too many people in this country. I watched the video a couple of times before I really heard the song which is a good thing in my opinion because I think the rewind factor has been lost in hip hop. This is a solid offering from the Norfolk, Va native.

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