Arson Optics – Indica

Upon first listening to Indica, I get the feeling that Arson made most of this music at sunset. Sunsets are beautiful but in California they are epic. This project has a soulful jazzy sound but Arson still has that hip hop edge that has always been in his music. The project is an instrumental project, lyrics wouldn’t fit here in my opinion they would interrupt what the music. The music is telling the story and the voice it is speaking in is a very cool laid back voice that’s talking shit; its an odd mix that works. Its obvious that Arson is channeling his influences which range from Bob James to Jay Dilla and everything in between. It is what I like to call listening music,  meaning you could dance to it but it makes more sense to listen and think about what may have been on Arson’s mind when he created a song like “Scrabble” or if he may have been listening to UGK for a week when he made the song “Mind Games”. Arson did some digging for these samples they sound like hidden jewels off of 70s and early 80s jazz records, the funky kind. Indica is proof that Arson should release a beat project every year.



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